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Davespeak: Minoxidil and Monistat - Good Introductions

Monistat"Thank you for coming this evening. My hair is thinning, but it has been for a li-, about twenty-two years, so I think that's okay, right? And it's, it's receding, but you know what, and then I, then, then, then a part of me, part of me, um, thinks I need to try Rogaine. And that's cool because, you know, but. So wait a second! Hold up! Don't, don't, don't tell me! No, so uh, so, so uh, so I started...But the problem is not that I think that that, that, that, what, Minoxidil, not to be confused with Monistat-7, or any other number. Minoxidil. So many names! Um, uh, is that uh, is that, I, it's you have to do it all the time. You can't just, like, put it on once, and then, you know, when you remember, then you put it on because, 'cause then, 'cause that doesn't do anything otherwise. And I'm afraid if you just, like, put it on one time then they happen, there's like, then they, hair will all fall out. So I'm, that's what I'm worried about 'cause I know I'm, 'cause I'm not, I'm not a consistent person. I don't wake up and then ooooh, have my cup of coffee, and then, just 'cause I'm, I'm mentally disabled, on a certain level. Um, I can't get consistent. I mean, even sometimes I get, I get in the car, and I'm driving, and I'm like, 'Aw damn it! I forgot to brush my teeth again.' That's terrible, that's terrible when that happens. That's terrible. But quite often. So if I can't get that together, how am I going to get Minoxidil together? Yeah.

But you know that Monistat-7 is that same as jock itch cream. And it's also the same as the stuff that's Fast-Actin' Tinactin. They just give it different names 'cause, 'cause we don't like the, you know, we don't like any confusion. So if you have all three of those at your house, you're getting ripped off. Some real shit right there. I'm, I'm, I'm, I'm giving y'all some real information.

I like to say Monistat-7. There's Monistat, I think, one, two three, four, five, and six, too, probably, but Monistat-7 just sounds like, you know, you got some, you gotta take care of this. You got, you got seven days, you got. You got to get this straight. Monistat-1 is if you're just not sure. I'm a little itchy. Seven - must have happened while you were sleeping! You skipped over one through six. Straight to seven! Ah, none of them are good introductions."


Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds
Date: 5/20/2010
Venue: Daughters of the American Revolution Constitution Hall
Location: Washington, DC

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