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New Dave Matthews Band Album Set For July Release

Dave Matthews Band New Studio Album 2007 NewsThe print version of Billboard has indicated that Dave Matthews Band will release their new studio album in July of 2007 under RCA records. The band and its management has kept particularly quiet about this studio session.

Initial updates from DMB bassist Stefan Lessard's updates stopped around the end of November. Since then there's been little information on the status of the album. Apart from this new DMB 2007 release date, here's the newest infor mation we have. Here's all of the recent news regarding the album:

  • We reported that Steve Vining (President of Savoy Label Group) was assisting Mark Batson on production of the new album.

  • On January 30th Rashawn Ross blogged on MySpace that he found out that his grandfather had passed away just prior to performing at the Bridge School Benefit. That show opened Loving Wings -> Grace Is Gone.

    After that he says "After that, It was time to hit the studio to work on the dmb album. I'm REALLY excited about it. It's gonna be a great album. We had tons of fun recording together. Can't wait to get back in and finish up the horn parts." Which indicates that the album is near conclusion.

  • Mix Online published something anecdotal about how loud Batson was turning up studio monitors during the sessions.

Although a list of official US tour dates for DMB has not been released, they will be performing in Germany as late as June 3rd, 2007. A campground leaked that the band would be performing at the Gorge Campground over Labor Day weekend this year (9/3/07) which indicates that the album may be released in the middle of the US tour.

The last time an album was released during a tour was Busted Stuff which was released July 12th, 2002 in the middle of the summer tour.

Another interesting item from the new Billboard information is that the album will be released under RCA. DMB was saber rattling about its obligations to RCA in August of 2006, leading to speculation that the band could make the jump to an independent release. Looks like this one won't be it.