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A Strange Twist: Dave Matthews' ATO Records Near Deal On "In Rainbows" CD Release

ATO Records jointly release Radiohead's "In Rainbows" with Side One Recordings?When Radiohead releases "In Rainbows" on Wednesday they will do so independently. Because you do not need a record label in order to sell mp3s available for download. When you're Radiohead, people just buy them.

However, Radiohead made it fairly clear they would release the album as a "conventional" cd packaged for record stores sometime early next year. Details about who would handle this portion of the album's release have been lacking until now.

It now appears highly likely that According To Our Records (ATO Records) will serve as Radiohead's label for the conventional release of "In Rainbows." Wait for it: The ATO Records music label was co-founded by Dave Matthews.

If you're just now joining us, you should probably go back and read our recent argument that Dave and DMB have fallen far from the innovative edge they held previously. It now appears that we were only half right.

Hold on a minute, what happend to all the hype about independence and trend setting? It is still there, make no mistake Digital Rainbow Wednesday will be a historical date in music history. However, Radiohead's managers have now stated specifically that: "The band think they [are] incredibly proud of this record and feel that it deserves to be brought into the mass marketplace," ... "That's why we need a record company who have that infrastructure to deliver the CD."

There are a lot of details here that are worth learning before trying to rehash this to your friends and loved ones. First, there is a strange new label founded by Coran Capshaw called Side One Records that is also in play. Unless you're a big Underworld fan, you have never heard of Side One Records.

Side One Records is a brand new label (RLM registered a little over a month ago) from Coran Capshaw with some other heavy-hitters involved: Ron Laffitte and Phil Costello. According to TALENTfilter, Laffitte is a former Capitol A&R guy and according to Tiny Mixtapes Costello was previously VP of marketing for Capitol.

There is some talk of Side One somehow jointly releasing "In Rainbows" with ATO, although how the sharing would be worked out isn't clear. For DMB fans the important thing is that so long as "In Rainbows" conventional CD is put on either the ATO Records or Side One Recordings label Dave will be a grandfather in the release. If "In Rainbows" goes strictly to ATO, then Dave can resoundingly say "my label just signed Radiohead." Which we imagine probably would feel quite good.

This whole thing is a bit confusing so here's a flow diagram that should help you sort it out:


ATO Records and Side One Recordings Radiohead

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