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'Funny The Way It Is' Music Video Hits The Web


Fans were surprised today to learn that the 'Funny The Way It Is' music video made its way onto the internet earlier this afternoon. The video itself was directed by Fenton Williams and Jeff Crane, and uses much of the stop motion animation that we have seen in the 'Eh Hee' music video, as well as Peter Gabriel's 'Sledgehammer'.

You can view the video on

Fans reactions have varied thus far. Many fans are skeptical, while others have voiced their approval and are examining the video for hidden meanings. We can all agree that this video is unique in comparison to any video that the band has released before, but it's up to you to judge.

It is apparent that DMB's recent trip to film at Grand Central Station was not used in this video, leaving fans wondering what the fottage taken there will be used for.

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