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New Dave Matthews Solo Song: "The Fly" Part of "Joshua" Film Soundtrack

 Jacob Kogan Star of ATO Pictures "Joshua"Dave Matthews recorded a new song titled "Fly" for the film "Joshua" which recently won the Excellence In Cinematography award for 2007 at the Sundance Film Festival.

Weekly Davespeak had the opportunity to speak with Johnathan Dorfman, the producer of "Joshua." He explained that Dave Matthews wrote "Fly" specifically for the film. Johnathan Dorfman also revealed that his next film for ATO Pictures will be a film adaptation of the book Endzone by Don DeLillo. Dorfman has another film currently in post production called "Savage Grace."

"Joshua" is a production of Acording To Our Pictures (ATO Pictures), and was purchased by Fox Searchlight along with films "Waitress" and "La Misa Luna." ATO Pictures is overseen by Dave Matthews, Johathan Dorfman and Temple Fennel. Charlottesville's The Hook has two articles about ATO Pictures, one from 2001 , and a second from 2003.

"Fly" was first noticed on Dave Matthews ASCAP entry a few weeks ago, but it wasn't clear if it was an older unpublished song or something new. This news settles it. We're waiting on information as to how and when "Fly" will become available to fans, but until then read an account from a Weekly Davespeak forum member DRPearson who saw "Joshua" at Sundance:

Warning, there may be some film plot spoilers below!


Cast of Joshua by ATO Pictures

"I just saw the movie yesterday at Sundance. At the end of the movie [Jacob Kogan] is sitting at the piano with his uncle and starts playing this song. The kid starts singing it, and then the credits come up, and Dave starts singing his song 'Fly'

The song itself is somber and kind of dark. It was basically the telling of this kids story how he planned to get rid of his parents so that he could in the end be with his uncle. I can't remember the lyrics exactly, but some lines were something to the effect of 'all I ever wanted was to be with you...' and something like 'pulling the wings off of a fly.'"

Thanks for the info, Derrick.

Derrick also mentioned that another ATO artist, Gomez appears on the films soundtrack more info on that, "Joshua" and "Fly" as we get it.

Update: "The Fly" is a varient title for the song, which is credited as "Fly" in "Joshua" and the offical name in the ASCAP entry.

Update: Dave Matthews' "The Fly" has leaked to the web.

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