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LeRoi Moore Plays Sax on Mark Batson Produced Nas Track: "Hold Down The Block"

Nas Hip Hop Is Dead Album Cover ArtLeRoi Moore plays guest saxophone on the new Nas album, "Hip Hop Is Dead ."

LeRoi contributed saxophone samples to the song Hold Down the Block, which was produced by Mark Batson and written by both Batson and executive producer Nasir Jones.

LeRoi's contribution to the loop in Hold Down The Block is subtle, but you can hear it in the background of this mp3 clip.

Hip Hop Is Dead took a 7.8 rating from Pitchfork music. The album represents Nas's first album for Def Jam Recordings and it features a collaboration with Jay-Z on Black Republicans. Mark Batson is currently in the studio contributing production work on the new Dave Matthews Band album.

Here is a cropped image from scans of the Nas album cover art:

Leroi Moore Credited on Mark Batson Produced Nas Track: "hold down the block"

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