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Dr. Dre to co-produce new DMB album? JTR is DEAD.

July 9th, 2004

Cali and Stefan LessardSaratoga Springs, NY. -- DJ, Promotions Director and DMB Fan, Cali interviewed Dave Matthews Band bassist Stefan Lessard at SPAC on 7/7/04 for 104.1 WBCN FM

The entire 17 minute, 25 second interview covered a range of topics on DMB and Stefan's personal life, the most important interview highlights are broken up into individual mp3's and described below.

To listen to the complete interview in a single mp3, see the bottom of this page.

Stefan addresses boredom on the 2003 tour
Listen to Stefan's surprise about the band sounding good in 2003 (from Cali's 12/05/03 interview)

In the 7/7/04 Stefan says that he "got real bored last year." This echoes the tone of Stefan's interview in 12/05/03. When Cali told him then that he felt the band was alive, he responded with surprise.

Stefan Compares DMB to the Beatles

When asked how he wants DMB to be remembered, Stefan says he'd like the memory of the band to be akin to that of the Beatles

Stefan says he is due for a vacation

Stefan's interest in taking some time off is no surprise. His baby was born in March, and he wants to spend time with it. He also says specifically that he hopes he won't have any more work to do as of December.

Since the tour ends on September 8th,2004--this implies that they should be able to finish the new album in September/October/November of this year.

RIP JTR JTR is a dead song, not likely to return

Stefan echoes some of Dave Matthews' previous comments. The reason songs become "shelved" because it is hard to remember how to play some of them.

He says specifically that the band doesn't enjoy playing JTR. and that he would be surprised if they play that tune again.

Stefan confirms the titles of four new songs

Hello Again, Sugar Will, Crazy-Easy, and Joy Ride. Says that Hmm? is an unorganized jam that they don't put on the setlists.

This is true. DMB Played Hmm? aka Thing on June 20th, in Nobelesville, IN after Rhyme and Reason. This is not listed on this show's setlist scan.

Stefan can't wait to finish the rest of the album

Stefan mentions that he wishes the band had more new songs to play on tour, but that he has to be patient. Mentions that the album would hopefully have 15 new songs on it.

Dr. Dre Produces DMB Album Pharell WIlliams, Dr. Dre are rumored to produce the next DMB Album.

Pharrell Williams a member of N.E.R.D. and Jurassic 5 is mentioned as a possible producer on the new DMB album. Dr. Dre also comes up but Stefan says the band has no commitments from these producers. He does say that he would like to have a "collective of producers" on the album.

Stefan brings up Dr. Dre's name for a second time.

Near the end of the interview Stefan brings up Dr. Dre and Cut Chemist working with Dave Matthews Band specifically, then goes on to say that the band could do a movie score or back up a pop star.

Stefan discusses what goes into creating a setlist for the band

A lot of the setlist depends on what songs have been played in the weeks prior to the show. They also keep a log of what songs have been played at a given venue over the years.

They also stress the playing of any songs that they are personally enjoying playing.


The WBCN Cali's complete 07/07/04 interview and Stefan Lessard