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New Lillywhite Sessions Release: The Karmageddon Master

April 17th, 2006

The Headless HorsemenThe Lillywhite Sessions are back better than ever after someone known only as Karmageddon released a new mastering of DMB's original uncompressed recordings. The new versions of the album sound nothing short of amazing, and after hearing them you'll likely throw out your old copies.

This mystery recording engineer included an explanation of his work, which we've published below.

mp3 download Download a copy of the LWS Raven with Karmageddon's Mastering to listen to while you read this. Check the forum for the rest...

"Well I was never a fan of DMB in the first place. Back in 2002 an online friend asked me to take a whirl at putting the "final" touches on [the Lillywhite Sessions] for his own personal collection, as he was very pleased with my other work. We worked out a deal and I took the original SHN files to a very nice (now out of business) studio I had contract work with.

The files were burnt to a CD-R first and foremost then ran through, one track at a time, through thousdands of dollars worth of ANALOG gear, such as a White 1/3 Octave Parametric EQ, Apogee A/D-D/A Converters (sorry they were 16bit and 44.1 no upsampling here) and a Manley tube compressor set at a very low ratio.

Also went through some image balancing (in other words each channel was tweeked by ear to sound perfect stereo witht he vocal and snare and kick perfectly aligned up the front).

All files were burned at 2x to a Tayio Yuden CD-R using CD Architect. There were some minor fades applied to all trax as well as pro dithering and quantiziation noise

In english...it is as good a professional copy you will find. Not to toot my own horn, but i have yet to hear another "master/remaster" of this title that sounds this good.

As well: this CD was never mastered in the first place, so the point in calling it a remaster is actually false. but this way it remains in the trading circles properly labeled in connection with the other "masters/remaster" of this.

Note on the actual music: Again I was never a big fan of DMB, but working on this CD and being a fan of Steve Lillywhtie's previous work, I got hooked. It is the only album I enjoy of theirs and wa snot terribly impressed with the actual release Busted Stuff. Thought that one sounded sterile.

Anyways, I am sure there are lots of you who will grab this. Please leave comments (good & bad) about the sound and quality. I am curious to know...




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