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Originally Posted by joeflow44
i think its one of the best on television now, it's a unique comedy...every other comedy on tv, besides the ones on FX are all the same
I'm saying, its so good compared to other shows that are on tv. today was a new episode, but i missed it.


Eric-"yea hes starting to learn spanish can you believe that?"
Ari- "i know he left 13 messages on my answering machine, my wife thinks im fucking the pool boy"

"sit down!" -Johnny Drama

Vincent- "Turtle, look even A Rod goes on a bad run"
Jonny Drama- " yea even when he does he's still getting pussy"

"you've got Gold" -Ari Gold

"yo I will smack Brad Pitt in his face!" - Turtle

Eric- "can you get laid without vince thats the question"
Turtle- "do i give a fuck thats the answer"

"fuck you I am the Game" - Johnny Drama
I wasn't planning on getting drunk tonight but
It seemed like the right decision tonight

Til we dance away...

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