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11-04-2005, 08:51 PM
omg that was stupid...it was late


11-04-2005, 11:31 PM
Um, I'm off to bed but before I do go, I guess I have to ask if, when you refer to 'we'....as in 'we came here, raped, pillaged, enslaved and wiped out an entire indigenous people'....do you mean me and everyone reading this, or are you refering to just the ones that actually did those things?

Thanksgiving is about a time of friendship BEFORE those things happened, BEFORE they were contemplated, and BEFORE a time when people just looked at the negative of things. Really, do you think that Columbus had the intentions of landing in a new world just to do all those things? No, neither do I, but I've been known to be wrong a FEW times :)

And I'm not trying to stir up a racist debate, but how is having stereotyped indians and pilgrams racist? I'm guessing that maybe the decorations had some racist actions or something? If it was just an indian standing there....that's not really racists, that's stereotypical and there IS in fact a difference :)

OK, off to bed I go, but really...relax some....it's Friday....no need to get too upset for a weekend! :)

11-05-2005, 04:53 AM
If your teacher taught you that Columbus came here and they all enjoyed a turkey dinner, he/she ought to be fired! Columbus never even set foot on the mainland of North America and has nothing to do with the pilgrims or thanksgiving!

And Christian is absolutely right, the first Thanksgiving did happen before most of those things. It happened due to a friendship between a tribe of Native Americans and the "pilgrims." If you would read portions of "Of Plymouth Plantation," the first history book written in America, by William Bradford, you will see that they totally understood that they owed their very lives to the Native Americans - especially men like Tesquantum (who is better known as Squanto). Many wanted to treat the Native Americans with the same respect they were being treated. It was in many cases the Spanish who mistreated them and caused the fear and animosity which they then began to associate with all "white" people and take out on all white people. Fear, and frankly greed, developed on both sides. Both sides mistreated one another. I am NOT excusing what many, many "white men" did! But to say Christopher Columbus, or all “white men” came just to do those things is a gross exaggeration to say the least!