View Full Version : I could walk to SPAC...

04-27-2005, 10:38 AM
and still I won't be there for the DMB concert. Recently moved from 30-45 mins to SPAC (depending on the speed...of the vehicle) to about 4 mins away. Maybe I will hear them still--that's what the locals say. My husband being an ex-local and growing up even closer without any music appreciation at all! Just groveling! I have a family now and have to be content to listen to live CD's but please, and my apologies to those who love it, never ever American Baby. Radio-ready "So Much to Say" seemed so much easier on my ears...

Remember...I gave my apologies!

The whole reason I'm here are the posts between Rob and Shannon. I, too, missed Storytellers and was wondering...And as fast as Shannon could say it, she had mail. That's too cool. In a world where people beat the (editor, no need for you here) out of each other, it's nice to see the giving. Like the monkeys....

Dave L
04-27-2005, 02:56 PM
Hey there Keene and welcome to WeeklyDavespeak! That's exactly the kind of community we strive for here. We aim to be a different pedigree. We aim to please. The whole basis of being a DMB fan in today's fansite communities should be fan interaction. And positive fan interaction at that. Remember hassle free, free trading? Remember going to shows where you were like, "hey man, everyone here is so chill"? Let's all focus on that mentality and we can't go wrong.
Please make yourself at home here. You've been entered into the monthly contest for newbs.:thumbsup: