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09-01-2004, 07:41 AM
Ok, so this hurricane Frances is on its way to Florida....possibly Miami. Im leaving on Thursday (tomorrow) morning and I have so much crap to do to get ready for the possibility of this hurricane hitting while Im away at the Gorge. They say it could be a Category 5 by the time it hits land....what does this mean ??? Well, for those of you that don't know, its basically means Hurricane Andrew all over again (Im sure youve all seen pictures). For those of you that have never had to go thru a Hurricane, or a Hurricane such as Andrew (which I imagine many of you have not), you are all very lucky. Being in a house, building...it doesn't matter.... the pressure that builds (you can feel it), you hear the sound of glass windows crashing, the roof getting ripped off of the house, trees falling, tornados whistling by at a train-like sounding pitch, water pouring thru the roof into the house like waterfalls, staying up all night long hoping that the house is going to be ok..walking outside the next morning and seeing every great tree around knocked onto the street and ground.... I'll never forget it (Andrew) and everytime I hear a train roar by, or by some fluke a gust of wind blows by a window replicating that same horrid sound, I get serious chills. Man, it aint easy. It's funny how when you live in South Florida and experience something like that almost once a year, almost everybody becomes a weather expert due to the non-stop watching of the weather channel. So right now, while im preparing to have a great weekend at the beautiful Gorge, I can't help but wonder.... whats gonna be left of Miami when I come back. Some say its going north, others are hoping south..... me.... I just hope it disappears in some sort of Bermuda Triangle Magic.
Charlie just came, missed Miami, and went North. The devestation that it caused in the middle of Florida is insane. I was driving to Gainesville this past week and the road signs that alert you to what the next exit is were ripped off, broken in half, and thrown onto the sides of the roads into the trees (well, what trees were left).
So lets have everybody keep their fingers crossed and hope that this hurricane skirts off back into the Atlantic (which is damn near impossible) or at least doesn't wipe parts of Florida off the map. Good luck Miami, and good luck Florida.
So who else has had the luck of running into a storm, tornado, avalanche, earthquake that has scared the shizzle out of you??

09-04-2004, 04:29 PM
Hey there!!

Well you are exactly right ...
I lived in Broward during Andrew although I was little , I do remember the roaring, the elec.wires turning purple,etc..

Charley hit a lot of my friends/family near Ft.myers......
Frances is hitting now , but still not over yet ..
It is so slow !! I am in Gainesville now for school and by the time it gets here, it will be Sunday night .......
..Living in FLorida sucks during times like these but thats the price we pay ..

I do not thnk this will be like Andrew, but te flooding will cause problems...
.Hope your house is ok while you are at the Gorge....

Gator football games were canceled so you know it must be bad.!!!

...... I feel old knowing about Andrew..glad to see another DAVE fan who knows about Andrew and how to prepare...

Good luck ..have fun in GORGE!! ...
....The storm is still over miami and its 7 30 at night ....

its not as bad there now ...

..:-) :cool:

Dave L
09-06-2004, 05:36 AM
At least glad to here that some of you will be somewhere else, safe, like the Gorge during these devastating events. My wife and I just spoke to my father-in-law who lives in Edgewater. They have been living in their boarded up house for almost a week. Last night, he was helping his neighbor try to cover the gigantic hole Frances tore in his roof, or what was left of it, in the near 100 mph winds. Other neighbors literally evacuated down the "street" by boat as it had become a river. And now it seems that Ivan might make it's way ashore also.
I think I can speak freely for all of us here at WDS, As we wish you safety and health for you and all your loved ones and that you may be spared some of the inevitable hardship and damage.
For all of us not in harms way, please do what you can, however small or large to help and comfort those involved in this unfortunate circumstance.

Donations can be made through the American Red Cross:

09-16-2004, 03:22 PM
How are our Florida friends doing?


09-17-2004, 06:09 AM
Miami has managed to survive as the hurricanes didn't really touch us, although I can't say the same for the rest of florida, alabama and La.. I have a few friends that live where Frances hit and they are still messed up from it (almost 3 weeks now?) They were out of power for 2 weeks...and still have pieces of roof missing.... Not good. Some have considered picking up and moving to another state b/c they can't deal with the thought of another hurricane coming...and there are 2 more storms brewing up in the Atlantic....
As for the northern floridians....i hope you all are alright and holdin up with the problems from Ivan....I know some of the tornados that have spun off of Ivan have already caused a few deaths....and as much as I hate to admit it...Im sure the tolls will be rising with all the damage and flooding its causing
Stay Strong....

09-01-2005, 10:58 AM
Have you guys heard this????

'Fats' Domino Missing in New Orleans